Tuesday, 06 October 2020 12:33

oil or acrylic?

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I am currently working on small paintings. It is mainly from a practical point of view, it takes up less space. But it is also easier to get started. I have painted less recently, probably the Corona thoughts took up too much space in my mind.


A few weeks ago, I picked up my brushes more often. Maybe you follow me on Instagram or Facebook and have seen some photos of my paintings.


I have also used acrylic a bit more. Using Acrylic paint is fine on small canvas, because it dries quickly. Normally I find that a disadvantage, but an advantage in this case.

Using oil paint on a small-sized canvas is a bit more difficult, because you have to be more careful that it does not become a mess. I noticed that with my last painting: I started with acrylic and then went over it with oil paint.


While painting I change everything. I do use something that makes the paint dry a little faster, but that is not very helpful at that moment. If I work on big format canvas, I apparently have more of a plan in my head.  I have more preparation anyway, so that will be the difference too.


At the moment I paint bedrooms. Our bedroom needs to be painted. The wallpaper is off, but what color are we going to paint on the walls?


 The painting shown on this post are 9,84 x 9,84 inch / acrylic on canvas.


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Tuesday, 05 November 2019 19:20

The Tamed Feeks - 2019-10-12

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Sunday, 28 April 2019 15:10

An early walk on the beach in Katwijk.

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 Do you also enjoy taking a walk along the beach early in the morning? And then with bare feet through the water. Katwijk is still my favorite. I usually grab my phone and take photos and videos.


The next morning I get my easel and pastels. I look back at a video and know what has to be on the pastel sheet.

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Saturday, 24 November 2018 10:38

Look what I found!! My sketchbook with drawings of houses I made in Spain.

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The video is two minutes long! 


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Monday, 08 October 2018 17:10

I love the sea!

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Last week I was in a house on the beach near Julianadorp in the Netherlands. I like the beach very much, it doesn't matter if there is a strong wind or even when it is raining hard. I always love it there! But most of all I love it when the sun shine! Every morning I went for a walk with my bare feet through the water. I had my oilpaints and my easel with me.  And however the wind was to strong to put my easel on the sand, I have painted in the livingroom. I had placed my easel in front of the window and made 4 small but gorgeous paintings, it was so much fun! When the paintings are dry, you will find them in my shop.


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